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Through agreements with Canadian Police Services, C5ID can provide you with a Canadian Police Clearance Certificate (Police Record Check) and Electronic Fingerprinting Services.  We have also designed a fast and easy process whereby employers (with the employee's consent) can receive this record check within 24 hours.  Below are the services we offer......

Electronic Fingerprinting

As an accredited agent of the RCMP-Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS), C5ID can offer electronic live-scan fingerprinting services at specific locations in Canada for the following reasons:

  • Employment

  • Citizenship

  • Immigration

  • Pardons

  • US Waivers

  • Foreign Travel

  • International Adoptions

  • Any other personal non-criminal reason


Fingerprints will arrive at the RCMP database the same day they are captured and if no record is found, the results are returned within 72 hours directly from RCMP to you.  


As of July 2014, the RCMP no longer accepted inked fingerprints on a paper fingerprint form. Those inked fingerprints will need to be converted to electronic format before they arrive at the RCMP.  C5ID has the ability to convert your inked fingerprints into electronic format via our state of the art "card-scan" process.  Like Live-Scanned fingerprints, results are returned to you within 72 hours if no record exists.  


Please ensure fingerprints are placed on the RCMP-C216.  Click on the files below to view instructions and print fingerprint document.

On-Line Police Check
Click Below to Start your Police Check 

On-line Service: C5ID is one of the very few companies in Canada that can offer an on-line criminal record check.  This check can be conducted in just minutes from the comfort of your home or office.  Please click on the link below to start the process....

Note:  Vulnerable Sector Checks for persons living outside Charlottetown, PEI will need to be processed by your local police service.  Individuals living in Charlottetown may proceed directly

to our office location at 393 University Ave for processing.


Regular (Paper) Police Check

C5ID, through agreements with various Canadian Police Services, can provide you with a Canadian Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal Record Check) via name and date of birth search in the National Repository for Criminal Records in Canada.  We have designed an easy process whereby employers can receive this record check within one business day by submitting an application (Criminal Record Search Form ) via email or fax to our office location. Individuals can drop by our office location in Charlottetown, PEI to receive this check, in person.  



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